Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Sports Centre


Anatoly ZOTOV
Honoured Coach of Ukraine,
Honoured Educationist and Scientist of Ukraine

Address: Kyiv, 18 Vulytsia Ezhena Potye (swimming pool)
Phone: ( 380 44) 456-71-96
Address: Kyiv, 62b Prospekt Peremohy (stadium)
Phone: ( 380 44) 371-62-44
Phone/Fax: ( 380 44) 371-62-34

Ekonomist physical culture and sports facility was established in 2002 as a unit separated from the Physical Culture Department.

The Ekonomist Sports Centre has a stadium with two football fields, two tennis courts, a swimming pool, sports grounds, workout rooms, game rooms, an aerobics room, a boxing room, a combat fight room, a rehabilitation centre room. They provide favourable conditions for the pursuit of physical culture and sports for up to 1,000 students at a time.

The major objective of Ekonomist Sports Centre is to provide the University with the exemplary materiel basis for the physical culture lessons, to increase the sportsmanship and to ensure the attainment of high results in sports.

Holding Spartacus Games in 12 sports among students and teachers has become a good tradition in our University.

Leading instructors and coaches of the University manage teams in such sports, as: swimming, boxing, football, badminton, track and field athletics, male and female basketball teams, a female volleyball team, sports aerobics and rugby.

Among the teams, the following can be mentioned: the badminton team is a multiple champion and prize winner in the Top League, a participant of the European Champions Cup, a participant of two world championships among students. The University's basketball, football and badminton teams were successful at the 7th Ukrainian Summer Student Games. For instance, the badminton team and the male basketball team ranked 3rd. The female basketball team ranked 1st in the 1st League in 2009. The football team ranked 3rd among 24 teams in 2010 Kyiv City university football championship.

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