Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Higher economic education - the key to success!

Вища освіта The most important component of the spiritual life is the education system, which is linked to the implementation of the process of knowledge dissemination. It covers the activities of social institutions that prepare young people for life. Higher education for young people - this is the foundation on which they should build their future and the future of their country. This is due to the fact that higher education provides a broad-minded man and erudition. Moral values of people, society and manner of behavior in it all these develop thanks to knowledge obtained at the university.

With the declaration of independence of Ukraine its people have the opportunity to build their own state, choose the model of social and economic development ,conduct their domestic and foreign policy. The acceleration of economic reforms, improvement of legislation and tax policy strengthen the role of economic education of our citizens.

Economic education is designed to consistently generate students' economic thinking and consciousness , raise reasonable needs, develop skills in a particular field of activity, educate careful attitude to nature, equip professionals with theoretical knowledge and practical skills on work culture, form the necessity of economic analysis , vision of perspective , teach how to master basics of scientific organization of labor in market conditions, form students' desire and need to continually improve the results of their work in training and socially useful activities.

Thus, according to the needs of time economic education should be actively promoted, as it is " alpha and omega " of public knowledge.

Last redaction: 27.09.13