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Psychological Service


If you need to sort out a psychological problem, to cheer up, or to make up your mind regarding that important decision of yours;
if you face a conflicting situation with your parents, if it’s difficult for you to find common ground with your friends or to come to an understanding with your trainers;
if you have difficulty while studying, unable to adapt to the new collective, if you are afraid to speak to a large audience, or not sure about the direction you should take in your professional development,
KNEU psychology service is at your service!

Almost ten years ago the group of enthusiasts comprised of lecturers of pedagogic and psychology department, with the help from the rector of our University, was transformed into a good cause, when KNEU psychology service was established.

The principle objectives of practical psychologists of the University are:

1. Assistance in development of psychology culture of all participants to training process and humanization of their relations;
2. Improving effectiveness of training and educational process through psychological adaptation of students, optimization of inter-personal relations, development of personal and intellectual potential of students;
3. Psychological preparation and assistance in formation of students’ abilities in all aspects of personal identity – professional, personal, social, which provides for conscious and responsible approach to one’s own life.

Presently the main psychologists activities include individual consultations of students and University workers and holding various training sessions.
Consequently, if you are worried by your personal relations with your loved one, if you have writer’s block, and have to review your agenda in order to plan more efficiently, or if you just want to talk to someone, all this may be the subject of individual conversation with psychologist, or of another training course subject.

We guarantee confidentiality of your information and professionalism of our staff.


Zheliabova St., 4, Hostel # 3, 1st floor
KNEU Psychological Service tel. 456-49-63

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