Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Institute of Insurance


Institute of Insurance was established under the Rector’s order of the SHEE "Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman" "On the establishment of the Institute of Insurance" on the basis of decision of the Academic Council of 29 December 2011 to implement the Innovative development programs of the university and main objectives under the "Regulations on the research university”, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 17.02.2010 № 163.

The purpose of the Institute is to organize and conduct research and implementation of R & D and training activities in the insurance industry, the development of scientific and practical recommendations for the sustainable development of the domestic insurance market, implementation of innovative activity. The Institute carries out research and development, provides in-depth research and practical training according to the priority development directions of science and technology and the main activities of the Institute.

Last redaction: 06.04.23
The main activities of the Institute
  • implementation of basic and applied research in the field of insurance, interdisciplinary research included, corresponding to modern world-class scientific research in this area, as well as work associated with bringing scientific and technological knowledge to the stage of practical use;
  • elaboration of proposals to modernize management of insurance business processes towards bringing them closer to European standards;
  • implementation of research and obtaining scientific and applied results to improve the efficiency of state regulation of insurance;
  • scientific examination of draft laws and regulations in the field of insurance and preparation of expert reports (memoranda) for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (the Committee on Finance, Banking, Tax and Customs Policy and other committees), the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the National Commission for State Regulation of Financial Services Markets, the State Tax Service of Ukraine, other state authorities;
  • monitoring of the scientific support of insurance development in Ukraine and seeking innovations in  foreign experience;
  • preparation of scientific and methodological basis for training of scientific and pedagogical workers involved in insurance issues;
  • cooperation with the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine, other associations of insurers, insurance companies, insurance intermediaries and other participants of the insurance market for the joint study of projects related to the development of insurance in Ukraine, and staff training and retraining for the insurance market of Ukraine;
  • publication of research results in leading national and international scientific journals;
  • international scientific cooperation with partner universities, public institutions, associations of insurers and insurance intermediaries, insurance companies, firms, funds on the basis of joint research projects and educational programs in the field of insurance;
  • coordination of interdisciplinary and interdepartmental research in the field of insurance, preparing a list of issues and questions that require scientific solutions.
Objectives of the Institute
  • implementation of scientific research in the field of insurance, implementation of innovative activity;
  • fundraising from domestic, foreign and international organizations and foundations to carry out research and development, training and skills development, to provide modern equipment, etc.;
  • obtaining of research results by the research and teaching staff of the university, students, postgraduates, doctoral; the creation of competitive scientific research, innovative products;
  • improvement of scientific and technical training of students, postgraduates, training of scientific and pedagogical staff through implementing joint research and development;
  • preparation of guidance materials for publications in national and international journals;
  • organization of scientific, practical and educational seminars, meetings, conferences, workshops, symposia, including international, in the areas of their activities;
  • maintaining supervision over the use of scientific research of the Institute.