Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Preventive Medicine Sanatorium

Nataliya Kucherenko,
Chief Medical Officer
Phone: ( 380 44) 456-42-94

The University's Preventive Medicine Sanatorium offers top-notch medical services. It was opened in 1968 as a night preventive medicine sanatorium. Since that time, it was certified under accreditation category I and licensed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for the exercise of the medical practice.

The medical and materiel basis of the Preventive Medicine Sanatorium has substantially improved since 1991: new equipment was purchased, 6 new treatment wards and 3 new examination rooms (ECG, ultrasonic scanning and computer-aided spirography) were opened; the canteen and the hydrotherapy ward were repaired, new furniture was purchased. These measures have substantially improved the living and leisure conditions of students.

The Preventive Medicine Sanatorium has:

  examination rooms:
- ECG;
- ultrasonic scanning facility for digestive and urinary system organs;
- the computer-aided spirography facility (for the comprehensive examination of respiratory organs).

  medical treatment rooms:
- physical therapy room (UHF, UZAT, Arsonvalisation, electrophoresis, DDT, et al.);
- actinothermal therapy room for respiratory organs and skin (quartz, infrared, Solux);
- acupuncture room (Nakatani method);
- electrically induced sleep room (for the treatment for nervous system diseases);
- massage room (manual therapy, pointillage);
- injection ward;
- magnetic and laser therapy room (infrared and red light treatment, He-Ne laser and magnetic laser treatment);
- aerosol therapy room (oil, herb, alkaline inhalations, mineral water inhalation, vitamin inhalations);
- dentist's room with the novel equipment making it possible to provide dentistry treatment at a high level.

In 2005, a new hydrotherapy department was opened, where the following procedures can be taken by the students: the underground Jacuzzi massage, the aromatic herb, sea-salt and medicinal baths, Charcot douche.

The dietetic foods are served three times a day in the canteen of the Preventive Medicine Sanatorium for the individuals being treated:
the breakfast is served at 8.00 am
the lunch is served at 2.00 pm
the dinner is served at 6.30 pm.

The KNEU Preventive Medicine Sanatorium is designed for 75 outpatients. The treatment without the interruption of the educational process is organised in 13 shifts distributed over the year. The duration of the treatment on the basis of the voucher is 24 days.

The vouchers to the Preventive Medicine Sanatorium are provided by the Faculty's Social Insurance Commission on the basis of an application and a medical examination certificate (Form 070-o). The commission may decide to grant the voucher at a 90% discount.

A voucher to the Preventive Medicine Sanatorium may be provided to each student only once in a calendar year.

Procedure of the Obtainment of a Voucher to the KNEU Preventive Medicine Sanatorium

1. A student, who would like to obtain a voucher to the Preventive Medicine Sanatorium, must apply for the voucher and, 10 days before the shift starting date at the latest, submit the application to the Dean's Office of his or her Faculty (together with a medical examination certificate confirming the need for the sanatorium treatment, Form 070/o).
2. The Social Insurance Commission of the Faculty makes the decision on the issue of the voucher. The Commission meeting shall be held 10 days before the shift starting date.
3. The list of students granted vouchers by the Faculty Commission is approved by KNEU's Social Insurance Commission and handed over to the Students' Trade-union Committee for the issue of vouchers.
4. Before the receipt of the voucher, the student shall pay 10% of its value as follows:
- write an application for the payment of 10% of the voucher value via the University's cash desk to KNEU's Chief Accountant;
- have the application signed by the Deputy Chief Accountant of KNEU in offices 104, 105 or 107 of the Main Building;
- have the cash receipt note issued in office 119-a of the Main Building;
- pay 10% of the voucher value to the cash desk in the Main Building of KNEU.
5. The accountant of the Students' Trade-union Committee (office 423 of KNEU's Main Building) receives the receipt of the cash receipt note confirming the payment, and issues the voucher. The voucher is issued on presentation of the student's identification card.

First-aid Post

The first-aid post of KNEU is located on the premises of Dormitory No. 1 (8 Vulytsia Zheliabova). It is there that the students are provided with urgent medical aid, the necessary vaccinations and issued sick leaves. Donor Days are held in the University twice a year (in spring and in fall).

First-aid post manager
Mykola Spirin
Phone: ( 380 44) 455-96-19

Kyiv City Students' Outpatient Clinic

All full-time students of KNEU undergo medical examinations on their first and third years of study by physicians of Kyiv City Students' Outpatient Clinic. If necessary, the students can be provided with the medical assistance and advice from doctors of various specialities in the Students' Outpatient Clinic.

Primary care physicians receive students in offices 307 (YuF, FMEIM, FM, FKtaU, Fieit) and 311 (FEF, OEF, FAM).

Working hours on even-numbered days are from 9.00 am till 2.00 pm;
on odd-numbered days from 2.00 pm till 7.00 pm.

Primary care physicians and specialist doctors keep record of students entered into dispensary registers. Outpatient medical records of KNEU students are kept in the card room. The primary care physicians also issue the medical certificates for the sanatorium treatment (Form 070/0) and sanatorium/resort cards (Form 072-IX).

There are specialist doctors in the Kyiv City Students' Outpatient Clinic: ENT, ophthalmologist, surgeon, dermatologist, neurologist, psychiatrist, dentist. There are photoradiography (fluorography), ECG and functional diagnostics rooms. There is a day hospital, procedural rooms and physical therapy treatment facilities in the Outpatient Clinic for patients, who would like to get medical treatment.


Kyiv City Students' Outpatient Clinic is located at:
25/29 Vulytsia Politekhnichna, Kyiv
Phone: ( 380 44) 236-32-04.

Preventive Medicine Sanatorium:
Kyiv, 8 Vulytsia Zheliabova, Dormitory No. 1

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