Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Global Economic Policy Institute

Mission:  to consolidate intellectual resources for the generation and implementation of creative ideas of social progress under global conditions of economic development.

Objective:  to substantiate efficient strategies of the competitive national development in the paradigm of the global economic policy

The following are lines of the scientific activity:

  • National strategies of the competitive development of countries
    (A.M. Poruchnyk, ScD in Economics, Professor)
  • Globalisation determinants of the development of trade and marketing strategies
    (T.M. Tsyhankova, ScD in Economics, Professor)
  • Global regulation of financial markets
    (O.M. Mozghovyi, ScD in Economics, Professor)
  • Imperatives of global integration processes
    (V.I. Chuzhykov, ScD in Economics, Professor)
  • Strategic lines of development of accounting, analysis and audit in the global economic environment
    (O.M. Halenko, ScD in Economics, Professor)
  • Imperatives of the global management development
    (Y.H. Panchenko, ScD in Economics, Professor)
  • Linguistic component of the development of global communications
    ( M.M. Havrysh, PhD in Physics, Associate Professor; L.S. Kozlovska, PhD in Physics, Associate Professor; O.L. Shevchenko, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor)

Scientific Centres:

  • Global Corporate Management Centre
  • Global Competitiveness Centre
  • International Trade Development Centre
  • International Financial Markets Monitoring Centre
  • International Accounting Studies Centre
  • European Integration Centre
  • Cross-cultural Communications Centre



Last redaction: 21.10.21
Integrative research projects
Integrative research projects for years 2018 and 2021

1)    Models and tools for achieving intellectual leadership in a global competitive environment;

2)    Commercial diplomacy in the paradigm of global economic policy;

3)    Intellectualization of international trade in conditions of global competition;

4)    Models of mediation in the global food market;

5)    Imperatives and scenarios for the formation of the global monetary system;

6)    Modeling the development of international economic and financial cooperation of Ukraine with the countries of the Middle East and North Africa

Integrative research projects for years 2014 and 2017:

1)    Global economic integration: strategic motivations, formats, national interests;

2)    National development strategies in the paradigm of global economic policy;

3)    Resources and models of competitive development of countries in the conditions of economic globalization: European integration project of Ukraine

Integrative research projects for years 2011 and 2013:

1)Global trade and marketing strategies and communications

2) Financial management under conditions of global instability