Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

KNEU Student Business Incubator


Chairman of KNEU SBN
named after V. Hetman —
Iryna Volovyk,
KNEU Student



Deputy Chairman of KNEU SBN
named after V. Hetman —
Symonenko Halyna,
KNEU Student


 General information

Student business nursery of KNEU named after V.Hetman is the youth public non-profit organization of Kyiv National Economic University.

SBN acts on the grounds of Resolution on SBN of KNEU named after V.Getman, and is guided by the current legislation of Ukraine, constituent and program fosuments of Kyiv National Economic University named after V. Hetman, by orders of KNEU rector named by V. Hetman.

Students business nursery enables new companies and young entrepreneurs at the stage of foundation, initiation and establishment, to do this with minimum losses, each student may receive   advise with regard to their business activities, to receive the respective literature, etc. Student business nursery shall provide for the possibility to involve partners that will render financial support to your project; search for investors and grants; rendering advisory assistance to future entrepreneurs with regard to registration; assistance with development of investment projects oriented to development of small business entities; holding of seminar trainings, meetings regarding business activities; exchange of experience; taking measures with regard to simplification of the procedure for entering real business; business planning; workshops on basics of business activities (i.e., accounting or marketing), due to which young entrepreneurs increase their chances to success, etc.

Detail :


SBN supreme body shall be the General meeting of SBN members, convoked by the Board at least once per year. Extraordinary meeting may be called with the help of the Council of the Board, or upon the request of one-third of SBN members.
In between the General meeting the Council of the Board shall be the effective governing authority that includes the Chairman of SBN, his Deputy and at least three SBN members elected at the General meeting.


Address: 03113, Ukraine,Kyiv, vul. Dehtiarivska 49-г, KNEU, office 023-а
Contact phone/fax:  (044) 3716260 , (096)9130021
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