Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Student scientific society

The Students' Scientific Society of Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economics University is the youth civil-society not-for-profit scientific organisation of the University.

The KNEU's SSS has been established and operates in order to exercise activities focused on satisfying creative and scientific interests of the University's students, and to shape personalities of young scientists as highly qualified specialists by granting them an opportunity to engage into research activities.

Officially, the Students' Scientific Society of Vadym Hetman KNEU was established on 16 May 2000. On this date, the Constituting Meeting of the Students' Scientific Society of Vadym Hetman KNEU attended by 80 students of the University approved the Society Charter setting out the major principles of the operation, and set out prospects of the further development of this scientific organisation of the young students of the university. On 25 May of the same year, Professor A.F. Pavlenko, KNEU's Rector, signed the Charter and the Society started working.

Last redaction: 11.11.13
The following are the major tasks of the SSS:
  1. to develop harmoniously developed student personalities;
  2. to find and develop talents of students in various areas of the research activity;
  3. to strengthen the theoretical and practical knowledge of students, to develop creative thinking and achieve synergy in mastering the academic disciplines;
  4. to support the solution of specific practical problems of business entities under the guidance of leading teachers;
  5. to have students acquired experience in organising the research work and participating in the research, scientific discussions, conferences and seminars;
  6. to exercise research and practical scientific activities by involving students on a voluntary basis into the single-person or collective research and public organisation work.

The SSS performs its tasks in the following activity areas:

  1. organising and holding scientific conferences, contests, seminars, roundtables, lectures, etc. (either on its own, or together with other organisations);
  2. taking part in the development and the implementation of projects to orders of enterprises and organisations;
  3. informing KNEU students about scientific events (conferences, contests, seminars, etc.) held by other organisations, and ensuring the students' participation therein;
  4. organising information dissemination activities;
  5. co-operating with other institutions, enterprises and organisations regardless of the ownership and business forms, including foreign companies, their representative offices or units;
  6. distributing an electronic newsletter to SSS members;
  7. exercising other activities conducive to the objective and tasks of the SSS.