Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Institute of Higher Education

The Institute of Higher Education has been functioning as part of the single educational and scientific complex of the Kyiv National University of Economics named after Vadym Hetman since March 2009 and is its structural unit. The Institute conducts research into the processes of development of world and domestic higher education. The research results are recommended for implementation in scientific and pedagogical activities with the aim of increasing the international competitiveness of the university.


Report of the Institute of Higher Education 2022

Report of the Institute of Higher Education 2021

Report of the Institute of Higher Education 2020

Report of the Institute of Higher Education 2019

Report of the Institute of Higher Education 2018

Report of the Institute of Higher Education 2017

Research Activities

The purpose of the draft act is to determine the principles of state support for existing and create favorable conditions for the design and implementation of new Ukrainian e-infrastructures

Implementation of this act of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will help Ukrainian scientists gain access to archives of scientific materials and publications, as well as powerful computing resources and means of communication, which will allow topical scientific and applied research in many scientific areas, simplify the formation of scientific collaborations teams), will unite scientific staff, support interdisciplinary interaction (integration), promote effective scientific communication.

Fundamental study "Strategy of the Establishment of International-level Research Universities in the System of the Competitive Development of Ukraine".

International Research Project SEARCH (supported by funding under the Seventh Framework Programme, EU)

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (founded by London Business School and Babson College)