Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Personnel Management Training Center

Personnel Management Training center functions to create an environment of active development and personal growth of students, graduates, teachers and applicants of the Personnel Management and Marketing of the State Higher Educational Establishment "Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman ".

The Center follows the forthcoming basic principles:

  • to achieve high results in all projects that center is engaged in;
  • to  ensure the long-term effectiveness of our programs, so that the positive effects remained with the participants for a long period of time.

The objective of the Centre:

To increase competitive advantage of the graduates in the labor market through the formation and development of social, psychological, professional and research skills and the promotion of their adaptation in the profession.

The aim is realized through the following strategic areas of work:

  1. Education and training work direction of the Center
  2. Research work direction of the Center
  3. Training work direction of the Center
  4. Adaptation work direction of the Center

All the training courses for the students and lecturers of the specialty "Personnel Management and Labour Economics" are free.

The program implementation is based on the demand (as soon as the groups are completed, they start work; there is a separate schedule for pilot programs). If you are interested in a particular program, you can register in the appropriate form. After that, you will be notified of the training.

Last redaction: 02.03.17