Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman


If you are dreaming of getting a global business education at KNEU and one of the best business schools in Southern California, become a student of the joint programs MBA or  Master of International Management delivered by Kyiv National Economic University and Business School of Redlands University, California, USA. To learn about the features of the application process, as well as the study and employment experiences of alumni of the joint programs watch the presentation, delivered under the auspices of EducationUSA in America House on June 06, 2019 

During the presentation, you will meet Gerald Groshek, professor at the University of Redlands Business School, program instructors, and graduates working in leading international companies of the world.

The constantly changing and increasingly globalized environment requires that business students pursue educational opportunities that imbed international perspectives to enhance the relevance and impact of their studies, as well as to differentiate their degree in a competitive labor market.  Kyiv National Economic University(KNEU) offers a full-time English language MBA program for students with an undergraduate degree in economics or a business related field. 


Last redaction: 22.07.19