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This 18-month program is especially valuable for professionals who are interested in developing, inspiring, and leading with authority, as well as deepening knowledge of the human side of management. Students examine and develop their international managerial and leadership skills through coursework, internships, and travel opportunities. Students in the MIM program emerge as confident global leaders and compelling speakers. Throughout the program, students must demonstrate their ability to understand and analyze international management and organizational challenges. Based on their analyses, students create possible solutions and evaluate the appropriateness of their recommendations. They analyze their experiences from each course and integrate their insights into a comprehensive final presentation which often serves as a proposal for change in their workplace.

Upon completion of the MIM program, students will be able to:

apply knowledge across management disciplines to assess and manage organizational complexity in international businesses;

make effective recommendations to ensure competitiveness based on the application of management theory to practice;

apply enhanced self-awareness and self-management skills to achieve greater managerial effectiveness and leadership potential;

effectively participate in and direct multinational teams to achieve institutional goals;

synthesize critical features of an issue or set of issues and communicate a well-defined, specific, and insightful statement that incorporates evidence in a reasonable and persuasive manner;

evaluate and apply effective and flexible strategic approaches in response to a dynamic global environment;

critically evaluate the transfer of decision making authority across complex, international corporate networks;

recognize and solve ethical management challenges.

The MIM  program includes the following 18-month course schedule: 

Term 1 Core 1

September 1 to early-December (14 weeks)

Global Economic Context for Management

International Operational Management

Managerial Performance and Assessment

Term 2 Core 2

early-December to early-March (14 weeks)

International HR Management

Fundamentals of Decision-making and Project Management

Strategic Management and International Competitiveness

Term 3 Core 3 Internship A

early-March to early June (14 weeks)

International Marketing Management

Global Entrepreneurship

Leadership and Effective Communication

Internship A

Term 4  Break and Optional Redlands Seminar

early-June to end-August (12 weeks)

Summer Break

Option: Redlands Summer Seminar

Term 5 Joint Thesis and Internship B

early-September to early-January (14 weeks)

Thesis Preparation/Presentation (KNEU only)

Organizational Behavior Consulting Capstone

Internship B

Admission Requirements

The admissions period for applicants to KNEU’s English-language Masters degree programs closes on August 1.

All applicants must submit the following materials:

• official application form

• official transcripts from every college or university attended reflecting an undergraduate degree in economics or business-related field (Note: no portion of a college record may be omitted from consideration of eligibility for admission, and undergraduate level coursework competed more than 7 years before the application date is considered obsolete and cannot be transferred or used to waive Joint Masters admission or degree requirements);

• official results of two-part KNEU entrance exam (for Ukrainian applicants) or entrance interview (for non-Ukrainian applicants);

• minimum overall TOEFL internet-based (or equivalent) test score of 85 with a score of 24 on the writing portion; alternative internationally recognized tests such as International English Language Testing System (IELTS) scores at band 7 or above may be considered equivalent;   

•copy of birth certificate;

copy of passport;

6 photos, size 60 x 40 mm;

for Ukraine period of study:

medical health certificate (for non-Ukrainian applicants), certified by an official health authority of the country of origin and issued no more than two months before arrival for study in Ukraine

proof of health insurance (except for Ukrainian and foreign applicants from the countries with agreements on free provision of emergency medical assistance);

Estimated Program Costs for 2016-17 Academic Year



Ukrainian hyrvnas


US dollars



--Tuition and Fees (Ukrainian Students)


--Tuition and Fees (Foreign Students)


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Contact Information

For more information contact us at:  You can also phone us at 38-050-385-60-36, Monday through Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. East European Time.

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