Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Institutional Economics

The discipline “institutional economics” studies the structure and processes of functioning of modern market economic systems, based on the civilizational paradigm of knowledge of social processes and the consistent use of systems analysis methods. It includes the achievement of economic theory over the past decades that have manifested themselves mainly in the works of Nobel Prize winners.
Objective: To familiarize students with modern methodology and theory of knowledge of economic systems at the micro- and macro-level as a new, compared to the political economy and microeconomics and macroeconomics, stage of development of economic theory.
Task: To consider market economic system as an open nonlinear constantly moving system, which integrity is caused by the functional structure and by processes of structural interaction between economic entities. Reveal the nature and role of economic institutions and economic organizations in the operation and development of market economic system, the organic combination of theory and practice of economic activity.
-    to master methodology of knowledge of the nature of private ownership of resources and understanding of the distribution of private property rights in modern economic organizations;
-    ability  to analyze the genesis and processes of economic subjects in the market economic system;
-ability the nature, role and place of various economic organizations in the functioning of market economy systems
-ability to analyze the institutional structure of the economic system in Ukraine and to draw conclusions for their improvement;
-ability to analyze the nature and type of contracts made by economic agents and to prepare draft of basic contracts’ types.

Last redaction: 11.10.17

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