Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

History of economics and economic thought

History of economics and economic thought on the methodological basis of the civilizational paradigm reveals the genesis and development of the economy of the European civilization from antiquity to modern times and the scientific reflection of these processes in economic thought based on theoretical, philosophical and national characteristics of its scientific schools and directions.
Objective: To develop students' ability to use the knowledge about the historical development of the economy and economic thought of European civilization for understanding the genesis and laws of functioning and development of economic systems.
Task: based on the methodological principles of civilizational paradigms of development of society form the modern economic thinking and outlook of students, ensure they master knowledge and techniques of historical analysis of economic processes.
●    to analyze economic processes and their reflection in economic thought at different stages in the development of European civilization;
●    to master categorical apparatus for research of the historical development of economy;
●    to determine the role and place of national economies in the world economy;
●    to identify the relationship and continuity of the economic policies of the theoretical concepts of the past and the present.

Last redaction: 10.10.17

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