Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

The history of economic thought in Ukraine

The discipline studies historical experience of economic activity of past generations , the contribution of Ukrainian economic thought in the treasury of world economic science.
 Objective:  To learn the features of the economic development of the Ukrainian lands that were part of various states, acquaintance with historical facts and events in the economic life of the people, the disclosure of their importance in the further development of the economic system; outlining achievements of Ukrainian economic thought.
Task: a thorough theoretical training of economists on the basis of in-depth study of the history of economic development of Ukrainian lands and economic thought in Ukraine, the genetic analysis of the process.
●    develop skills of theoretical analysis of the interpretation of economic processes by Ukrainian economic theorists;
●    determine the role and place of Ukrainian economic thought in the world's development of economic theory,
●    reveal the influence of Ukrainian economic thought on the formation and development of the economic ideas of Western schools,
●    show the contribution of Ukrainian thinkers of the world economic thought,
●    creative use of the conclusions and recommendations by Ukrainian economists of the past to address specific problems of modern economic policy of Ukraine.

Last redaction: 10.10.17

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