Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Modern economic theories

Discipline studies main currents of economic theory at the turn of XX-XXI centuries,  modern methodology of economic analysis, the logic of the Western economic thought, the relationship of modern economic policy of individual countries with the leading theoretical concepts.

Objective: to understand the basic problems of modern economic theory, its major lines of development; to be able to systemize the knowledge about the nature and mechanisms of functioning of the economic system from the standpoint of the main schools of modern economic theory.


●      to ensure fundamental economic training of specialists considering advanced achievements of world theoretical thought,

●      to master categorical and conceptual apparatus and research methodology of various scientific schools.

●      to form the ideas of the main and alternative currents of modern economic thought;

●      to analyse scientific contribution of individual representatives , schools and trends to modern economic theory.


●      ability to analyze the specific economic situations from the standpoint of the various schools of modern economic thought;

●      to understand the main currents of modern economic theory and the views of its leading representatives;

●      ability to conduct a comparative analysis of selected doctrines, schools, currents and modern economic science and the contribution of its leading representatives to modern economic thought,

●      to understand the impact of theoretical studies of modern scientists and economists on the economic policies of the leading Western countries.

Last redaction: 27.10.17

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