Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Budgeting of investment projects

The educational degree: Bachelor degree

The discipline goal is to provide to students the system of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of investment projects' of enterprises budgeting

The discipline aim is to form the complex of students' competencies, which are sufficient for the beginning of their professional work and important for further implementation of investment projects' budgeting

Study results:

The successful learning will create the ability:

-          to analyze and to create organizational structure of investment project;

-          to create investment project’s plan in accordance with the activity’s peculiarities, technology maps of production and project’s organizational structure;

-          to calculate and analyze main budgets of investment project and create the pattern of their connections;

-          to analyze external and internal project’s surrounding;

-          to define main participants of investment project’s realization process and create system of their connections;

-          to analyze structure and types of activities, which are important for successful investment project;

-          to use economic calculations for planning and control of main stages of investment project;

-          to define value of investment project’s financial sources and affect of their use;

-          to provide practice recommendations for creation of the most effective pattern of investment project financing.

Last redaction: 10.05.16

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