Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman


The science goal is the study of theoretical, methodological and practical principles of essence and directions of investment, in particular the investments in tangible and intangible assets, banking deposits, rights for natural resources use and securities.

The science aim is to form the students' professional interests and to support the determination of their potential place in the structure of the national economy and business.

Study results:

The successful learning will create the ability:

-          to use main concepts of investing in logical order;

-          to use methodological tools of investment process organization in the right way;

-          to estimate investment market and its conditions;

-          to estimate and analyze factors of investment climate;

-          to estimate and analyze innovative projects’ efficiency;

-          to identify investment activity’s financial sources and possibilities of their optimization;

-          to calculate the value and profitability of financial tools;

-          to use investment management’s tools.

Last redaction: 10.05.16

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