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Management of Business Activity (in Ukrainian)

The list of diploma papers 2012-2013
Program Supervisor – Henefa A. Shvydanenko, Professor, PhD, Head of the Economics of Enterprise Department.
The Master’s Program is supported by the Economics of Enterprise Department and provides professional and career level (the second higher education, Master’s Training Center): "Management of entrepreneurial activity" (full-time, evening and distance learning).

Economist (manager) of a modern company is a specialist in business planning, project management, corporate finance, business appraiser, controller, strategist and crisis manager (often one and the same person). He must be able, taking into consideration the dynamic environment, generate new ideas, economically justify and implement them under the conditions of uncertainty and risk, and evaluate the outcome. In addition, he also possesses fair knowledge of foreign languages to establish communication links, the art of adaptation and self-presentation. The Master's Program "Management of business activity" completes the formation of these core competences.
Target audience - Bachelors and specialists in economics, graduates of the previous years.
Aim of the program - formation of sufficient basic knowledge in the field of study in combination with multiple practical experience.
The main objective of the program – to make sure that graduates have formed an adequate level of key competences.

On the verge of graduation the trainees in specialized training should know:
• the procedure and methodology of forming the information base and preparing of initial data for company foundation;
• approaches and methods of formation and use of business potential of the entity;
• how to combine resources of the enterprise;
• organization of an efficient, profitable and safe activity of the company;
• basic strategies of economic activity in the enterprise;
• organization of controlling system of the company;
• infrastructure of business maintinence;
• methods and means of monitoring the state of the markets and the potential components of the entity.
Effective management of the company is always based on the practical skills that students have acquired. So at the end of a complete cycle of studies and practical training, the students should reveal the following skills:
• selection and justification of the mission of the company, the type and form of entrepreneurial activity, legal form and the main elements of the mechanism of the enterprise, the organizational structure of the entity;
• preparation and decision making;
• giving grounds and implementation of plans (measures) of the firm development, as well as assessing the effectiveness of their own business activities;
• organization of contractual relationships and partnerships;
• definition of competitiveness and competitive advantages of the company, its business development plan.
Features that enhance learning efficiency and the competitiveness of its graduates
• complexity and scale of training for managers both in accordance with organizational and legal forms of companies and in types and areas of entrepreneurship, forms of ownership, direction and sectoral affiliation of business;
• full support by teaching materials, which are timely updated;
• organic combination of fundamental theoretical knowledge with practical experience, obtaining skills of perceiving and generating new ideas;
• the Master's Programs are compiled on the basis of batch principle;
• interactive teaching methods (business games, case studies, teamwork, development and presentation of individual and group projects);
• intensification of self-training and creation of conditions for self-learning, self-development and self-coordination of the students not only within the educational process.
We believe that these are the advantages of our curriculum that will allow trainees in the specialty "Economics of Enterprise" to obtain significant competitive advantage in the labor market among the elite contenders for jobs.
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