Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Paul Smith, President of CFA Institute, at KNEU25 November 2016р.

On 21 November 2016 Paul Smith, President of CFA Institute, visited  Kyiv National Economic University  (KNEU) and delivered the lecture “Building the investment management profession”.
The students and faculty at KNEU had a unique opportunity to get insights into the fundamentals of an investment manager’s profession and discuss the current challenges and trends with a renowned expert.
In his lecture Paul Smith highlighted that only through dedication to our society in general and  clients’ interests in particular we can build up a new global thriving economy, which will help us to cope with  sluggish growth as well as  political and economic instability. Paul Smith also stressed, that CFA Institute plays a vital role in training a well-educated, ethical and properly qualified investment manager.




It was interesting to get to know, that CFA Society Ukraine is a non-governmental and non-profit member organization, acting under the auspices of CFA Institute. The Ukrainian investment community, assisted by this organization, is constantly evolving and applying the global CFA standards in Ukraine, which, according to  Paul Smith, is one of the most promising markets for investments and, therefore, development of the CFA community as a prerequisite for its sustainability.
Paul Smith emphasized, that there are only 94 CFA Charter holders in Ukraine, which is not enough at the current stage of its economic development. He also highlighted the prospects for young women in the global CFA community.
The students and faculty at KNEU are very thankful for an informative, interesting and exciting lecture. We believe, that further cooperation between KNEU and the global CFA Society will sufficiently strengthen the ties of the Ukrainian academia with the business world and help create a new generation of investment managers that will contribute to the long-term sustainable and fair growth of our economy.
Oleksandr Shevchuk,
CFA Team captain
Kyiv National Economic University
Faculty of International Economics and Management