Kyiv National Economic Universitynamed after Vadym Hetman

STOP WAR IN UKRAINE!08 Mart 2022р.

Dear colleagues, friends!

Having launched a full-scale war against our country, Russia hoped for its rapid occupation, the destruction of our sovereignty, national and human dignity.

However, we are able to defend ourselves on all possible fronts – military, informational, humanitarian etc. Ukrainians are demonstrating real heroism, unknown before consolidation of people, army and government, desire to defend the chosen path of freedom and Euro-Atlantic integration.

The whole world must know the truth. We are ready to provide the results of the monitoring of our actions, which is constantly conducted by our experts.

In different ways, the world helps us to endure and win. Do not stay away from the global battle of good and evil, democracy and tyranny, mind and madness. Ukraine needs your support.


Together we will win!

Glory to Ukraine!

Staying strong,

Kyiv National Economic University

named after Vadym Hetman