Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

4-5 April Advocacy Establishment for Students through Ombudsman Position 09 April 2019р.

Two days in a row in the KNEU named after Vadym Hetman there is a meeting of the representatives of the management staff of the International Project Erasmus + "Advocacy Establishment for Students through Ombudsman Position". At the solemn opening on April 4, representatives of partner countries: Georgia, Azerbaijan, Austria, Poland, Italy, Finland, Great Britain gathered at the conference hall of the university. T.Obolenska, vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work, addressed the audience with a welcoming speech: "KNEU, whose history began in 1906, has always been among the flagships and innovators of changes in the educational process. On June 6, 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers passed the Resolution "Some Issues of the Educational Ombudsman".

This event is prominent in protecting students' rights and freedoms. The university team has studied the experience of several higher education institutions in Poland, Portugal, Italy, partner countries of the project. We have developed a model in which the protection of students' rights is provided not by one person, but by a whole team of diverse professionals headed by the Ombudsman, which, by the way, is not a university employee. The main directions of the office: legal, organizational and financial, international, psychological and educational, informational and communicative, on self-government, academic, social and domestic.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine R. Greba emphasized the reforms in the educational process, which correspond to European standards. "Minister L. Grinevich is aimed at progressive changes. The youth of Ukraine should be creative, responsible, academically mobile. The creation of the Institute of Educational Ombudsman protects the rights and freedoms of students ", - said Roman Greba.

B. Yarmolenko, Ombudsman for the Rights of Students of KNEU, is a graduate of our university, knows well what student lives. Everyone can appeal to him.

The experience of establishing an ombudsman office at the conference was shared by the representatives of partner countries of the project.