Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Methodical seminar for the 1st year students’ supervisors13 September 2017р.

Methodical seminar for the 1st year students’ supervisors

September 13, 2017.


Seminar for first-year students’ supervisors


On September 12, 2017, at 14.30 in the conference hall of the University (54/1, Prospect Peremogy, build. 1) an annual methodical seminar for the professors-supervisors of 1st year students’ academic groups was held.

 The seminar was attended by: Rector of the University Dmytro Grygorovych Lukianenko, Deputy Deans on the educational work of all the faculties, tutors- supervisors of the first-year students’ academic groups, representatives of public organizations of the University. The seminar started with the greeting speech of University rector Lukianenko D.G., who wished success, great achievements, infinite energy and inspiration to the audience in their responsible work.

During the seminar, the next questions were discussed:

1. The plan of University’s educational work for a new academic year, the tasks for supervisors in the first term. Methodical advices on the organization of educational work (speakers: O. A. Chabanyuk, Director of the Center for Educational Work and Social Adaptation of Students; I.A. Balyagina - Leading Specialist in Socio-Educational Work).

2. Social and psychological service of KNEU: plans and tasks for the 2017-2018 academic year (speakers: O. S. Boychuk - head of service, senior lecturer of Pedagogy and Psychology Department, Y.O. Matviyenko, associate professor of Pedagogy and Psychology Department).

3. Concerning creation and main tasks of the historical and patriotic club "Courage" (“Muzhnist’”) (speakers: Y.O. Matviyenko, Director of KNEU History Museum, Pavel V. Satsky - Associate Professor of Political History Department).

4. On cooperation between supervisors and student self-government bodies - Student Union, Student Academic Council and others.

5. Marketing faculty experience of organizing educational work: problems and achievements (speakers: O.O. Dima, deputy dean of Marketing Faculty, supervisor, N.O. Boyko, Associate Professor of Rationalistic and Tourism Department, supervisor.

6. On the creation and main tasks of the OMBUDSMEN Institute at the University (lecturer – Y.M. Ryzhuk, Associate Professor of Theory and History of State and Law Department).

The purpose of the Coordinating Center for Educational Work and Social Adaptation of students is activities coordination the of all representatives of the educational process at the university in order to form the humanitarian environment in University, to humanize the relationships of all participants in the educational process, to increase the psychological and pedagogical culture and the effectiveness of educational work. The aim of the Center is to conduct: educational work - in all directions determined by the Concept of national-patriotic education of students in SHEE "KNEU named after Vadym Hetman"; advisory work - to assist people in understanding the problem and in finding ways to solve it optimally, providing consultations on students’ socialization by KNEU scientific and educational staff; educational work - increasing of social competence of University students and teachers; organization of research work aimed to identify the actual directions of social work, search for a scientifically based system of support of the educational process, studying the process of students adaptation to University study, socio-psychological peculiarities of students, their professional self-determination and becoming specialists; preventive work – up-to-date prevention of problem situations in personality formation, manifestations of deviant behavior, conflicts prevention; organizational work - cooperation coordination of all participants of the social and educational process. If you would like to understand your psychological problems, improve your mood, finally decide to make an important decision; if you have a conflict with your parents, it's difficult to find a common language with your friends or get in touch with the teachers; if you are faced with difficulties in learning: you cannot adapt to a new group, are afraid of speaking to a large audience, are hesitating in choosing a professional direction - you are always welcome to the socio-psychological service of KNEU. Socio-psychological service: conducts university-wide actions on prevention of HIV/AIDS; organizations-partners are conducting an active information campaign on the prevention and control of tuberculosis, smoking, and promotion campaign of a healthy lifestyle. Historic-patriotic club "Courage" was founded in 2017. The goal of the club is to: educate a modern patriotic citizens of the Ukrainian state; preparation of student youth to be active citizens; formation of civic skills and values ​​necessary for effective participation in community life; support and development of the values ​​and traditions of the university, formation of University corporate culture; work with students-refugees from the occupied territories, orphans, students with special needs, ATO participants, children of ATO participants. Among club’s activity areas are informational and educational; organizational and mass; educational and training. We invite everyone to join the club. The purpose of Primary Trade Union Organization of students and postgraduates in SHEE “KNEU named after Vadym Hetman” is to represent and protect labor, socio-economic rights and interests of this trade union’s members. Its main activity areas are: implementation of social and legal protection of students; organization of its improvement and sanatorium-resort treatment; organization of meaningful leisure activities for students; assisting students in looking for a part-time job for a time free from studies; representation of students’ interests in the Academic Council and KNEU’s rectorate, etc.

Y.M. Ryzhuk has presented the project “COMMISSIONER FOR STUDENT RIGHTS in “Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman””. The project’s purpose is to establish an Ombudsman's Institute for Student Rights, as well as creating background for the development and operation of this institution in the field of students' rights. Project objectives: studying the positive experience of EU partners in the field of students’ representation and protection; preparation and publication of educational materials on representation and protection of students' interests; Establishment of the Commissioner for student rights and conditions for its functioning. The main functions of the Commissioner for student rights are representative; supervision; preventive; educational; protective.

The Commissioner’s activity is aimed to: generalize, harmonize, formation and realization of rights, duties and freedoms of KNEU students in all spheres of their life; protection of ALL rights and freedoms of ANY KNEU student; prevention of violation of student's rights and freedoms and promotion of their renewal; international cooperation in the field of student rights and freedoms. It is based on the principles of humanism; legality; justice; objectivity; independence; democracy; availability; publicity; inviolability of privacy and confidentiality of personal information; professionalism.

The Commissioner carries out his activity by studying the necessary input and output information of the relevant departments of the University, ministries (other bodies of executive power), taking part in the work of the Academic Council of the University, rectorate, students' self-government bodies and University’s NGOs, within his/her competence in adoption of appropriate decisions; the Commissioner carries out his/her activity individually and independently from other officials, organs and structural subdivisions of the University; the candidate for the position of the Commissioner must have a fluent command of the state language, have a scientific rank and degree, high moral qualities, experience of human rights protection and work experience at the positions of scientific and pedagogical staff not less than 10 years; the Commissioner is appointed to the post and dismissed from the position by the Academic Council of the University on the basis of a positive decision of the University Student Conference; the authorized representative is appointed for a term of five years from the date of his/her swearing at the Conference of the University students.