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ChoosingMaster's degree study at Accounting and Taxation Department Accounting and Economics Faculty gives you more than just a high-quality education. Our program provides excellent opportunities to form a global network of professional and academic colleagues - invaluable throughout your future career.


The goal of the Master's program «Accounting and Audit in Business Management» is to develop system knowledge and practical skills in the field of accounting, audit and taxation with the purpose of formation of accounting and analytical data for decision-making in business management.

The overall objective of the program is to produce formative knowledge and experiences with which students may cultivate their capacities for thinking creatively, developing their self-knowledge and powers of acting, and to apply these accounting abilities in business, on markets and other organizations.

If you choose to specialize in «Accounting and audit in business management»,you will gain a deep understanding of how domestic and international companies control and evaluate performance, design incentives and allocate resources to facilitate innovation and value-creation, reach business goals and report financial information to shareholders and stakeholders.

Teaching is provided by specialists with practical experience and teaching experience in foreign educational institutions. Throughout the program you have the opportunity to apply your learning to practical examples and simulations with case studies, projects, team work and live presentations. Lectures are given by specialistswith extensive teaching, research and consultancy experience.

The Master's Program «Accounting and Audit in Business Management» got ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) accreditationfor the levels F1-F4, F7.

F1- Accountant in Business

F2- Management Accounting

F3- Financial Accounting

F4- Corporate and Business Law

F7- Financial Reporting


Masters in Accounting & Taxation are accredited by CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), and our graduates will be able to enter directly in to the operational level case study of the CIMA qualification.



Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

-      build the accounting system in accordance with the philosophy and strategic business goals;

-      develop a system of dataware of managerial decision-making in accordance with the characteristics of the industry, the nature of business transactions and other factors of business;

-      form the accounting policy of an enterprise taking into account the types of economic activity;

-      disclose accounting information in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards;

-      generate, compile, summarize accounting information and develop on its basis forecasts for business entities;

-      carry out selection of performers of accounting, analytical and controlling functions and organize the work of accounting staff according to their legal status and requirements of life safety and health protection of employees of accounting services;

-      implement into practice relevant methods, types and forms of economic control, define items, tasks and directions of various types of control;

-      organize projects in the field of accounting, audit and taxation in an international environment;

-      to organize and carry out scientific research in the field of accounting, analysis, audit and taxation with the aim of producing new knowledge to solve existing problems of business at new efficient levels.


Our Master's program offering a unique inter-disciplinary approach.





The main objective is to develop students’ ability to conduct an independent research in the broad area of Accounting and audit in business management,based upon appropriate methodological considerations and relevant theories within the areas covered by the master program. The students should also be able to present their study in a written Master Thesis as well as orally.


Career opportunities

Graduates from the Master's program in Accounting and audit in business management will typically pursue a career in accounting, audit, analysis, financial services, financial management, or related sectors of the economy requiring an in-depth understanding of accounting.

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