Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Entrepreneurship (Management of Entrepreneurial Activity)

The aim of the Master's program is to provide students with profound knowledge and practical skills  in  management of entrepreneurial activity.

The students of this program will gain comprehensive expertise  in  organizing and conducting  entrepreneurial activity. In the course of interactive studies students will also acquire practical skills of business engineering, benchmarking, innovation development, business law,business diagnosis, business process management, economic security business, controlling, management of investment portfolio and the value of the business.

Experienced lecturers at the Enterprise Economics Department  and leading professionals of  the  Ukrainian and international companies will teach students to  take decisions, to generate entrepreneurial  ideas, to think out of the box and to estimate the  effectiveness of the decisions on the basis of financial projections.

The internship course  in the leading international companies is an integral part of the MA Program in Management of  Entrepreneurial Activity. It will enable students to gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in compliance with their future professional activity.

The graduates  will be able to take leading positions in the  companies of different forms of ownership.


Upon graduation students get the  Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and IBM certificate.


Future leaders who are ready to develop the economy by increasing the efficiency of entrepreneurial activity, developing and implementing  innovative projects, aimed at sustainable growth, social responsibility and competitiveness of an enterprise.     

Admission process:

for the residents of Ukraine:July 

for international students:from July 01 till August 29

Duration of studies: 1 year 4 months

Starting date :   September 01

Language of studies :  English

Last redaction: 02.07.19