Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Happy Victory Day! 10 May 2016р.

On May 8-9, millions of people around the world celebrate the Victory Day, commemorating the day Nazi Germany surrendered in 1945, ending WWII. The holiday is celebrated on May 8 in most parts of the world, and May 9 in the former Soviet states, due to time differences.  This year marks the 71st  anniversary of the end of the war, commonly considered to be the deadliest conflict in human history. An estimated 28,000,000 people were killed in the Soviet Union alone, making Victory Day an especially significant landmark in the Post-Soviet region. 

Many have argued that Victory Day in the former Soviet states is a hollow and bittersweet celebration–as it commemorates the victory of yet another foreign oppressor, and the continuation of another 5 decades of community dictatorship.  In other parts of Europe, the 9th of May has other connotations--the EU’s “Europe Day”, and for Romania, Independence Day.

On the eve of the 71st anniversary since the Great Victory day we would like to extend our greetings to everyone who did their best to near that very moment: the veterans to have shed their blood on the battlefields, the workers of the rear who toiled to produce the battle-front supplies. We bend our knees to honor those participants of the dreadful war who are no longer with us today.

Noone is forgotten, nothing is forgotten! Happy Victory Day!