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Internship Opportunities in the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin06 September 2012р.

- Call for Applications -

The ICD Internship Program

The ICD offers internship opportunities to individuals who would like to
gain practical experience working for a non-governmental organization in the
field of Cultural Diplomacy.

The ICD invites applications from individuals who are coming from the
following fields:

·         International Relations
·         The Arts
·         Marketing & PR,
·         Business & Economics,
·         Communication,
·         Journalism,
·         Administration,
·         Event Management

Intern Responsibilities

Intern responsibilities include the following activities in the framework of
supporting our forums and programs below:

·         ICD International Conferences »
·         ICD Young Leaders' Forums »
·         CD – News > <>
·         Research >
·         Human Rights Initiatives
·         Cultural Bridges in the United Kingdom >
·         Slovenia House Berlin >

The ICD is able to offer internships on the following activities:

·         Research
·         Journalism
·         Raising awareness and marketing for the programs
·         Acquiring speakers and partners for the programs
·         Executing the weeklong seminars and events that the ICD organizes
·         Event Documentation - conducting Interviews, reporting and
documenting ICD events
·         ICD Human Rights Initiatives - journalism, conducting Interviews
with notable figures and supporting the ICD initiative

To apply, please click here:

With warmest regards,

Mark Donfried
Director & Founder
Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD)
Ku´damm Karree (3rd Floor/Hochhaus)
Kurfürstendamm 207-8 Berlin, Germany-10719
Phone: 00.49(0)30.2360-7680