Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Information on the Preparatory Department and its learning environment

Over 1000 learners have been prepared over the years of its existence, the vast majority of which were submitted KNEU.

Training at the Preparatory Department is conducted in accordance with working programs developed based on typical programs in following disciplines: the Ukrainian (Russian) language, Mathematics, Fundamentals of Economics, Economic and Social Geography, Informatics.

Educational plans and programs of the Preparatory Department meet the State standards and requirements. Each discipline taught at the Preparatory Department has the required block of educational-methodical documentation: syllabuses, guidelines for practical classes, laboratory practicals for unsupervised activities of students, textbooks, methodical recommendations, dictionaries, etc.

Laboratory practicals and practical classes provided by the curriculum is conducted in specialized classrooms, equipped with modern equipment and devices. The University Library has a sufficient number of textbooks  on subjects studied at the Preparatory Department.Admission of foreign residents at the Preparatory Department is carried out on the grounds of international agreements of Ukraine with other States; the agreement of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine; ageemets (contracts) between KNEU and individuals.The cost of training at the Preparatory Department as at 01.09.2019 is  1000 dollars, which is paid in UAH on the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine, apprenticeship is ten months.

Last redaction: 24.05.21