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International Business Management

  This master programme has been in existence since 1997. It was mastered by more than 3,000 students. This programme is universal in terms of the coverage of areas and types of the international business with the focus on management activities in multinational corporations.

Graduation department: International Management Department

Professional focus of special disciplines: Specialists in the international business management master professional competencies related to the monitoring of international markets; the strategic planning of international economic activities and their organisational and resource support; the enhancement of the management effectiveness; the international economic analysis and controlling; the regulation of international business activities.

Interdisciplinary Training: "Cross-cultural Management Technologies: Adaptation to the Real Environment". This training course is provided for the consolidation of the theoretical knowledge obtained by students in the course of study, the application of the best practices and skills for the formation of a holistic idea of major lines and tools of the cross-cultural management and the enhancement of the competitiveness of graduates on this basis at the stage of their choosing, or adapting to, the field of the future professional international management activities.

Areas of master research:

1.  Operation of the global market.
2.  Business strategies of international companies.
3.  Functional corporate management.
4.  Cross-cultural management.
5.  Foreign economic policy and state management.

The major bases for the internship include: Ukrainian representative offices (branches) of foreign companies, export-oriented domestic enterprises; international organisations, foundations, and projects, state regulation agencies, consultants.

Job placement in the future: as managers in international companies, state officers in the relevant institutions, experts and analysts

Master Programme in International Business Management


Lecturers, teachers

Core Disciplines


International Management

ScD in Economics, Professor Y.H. Panchenko
PhD in Economics, Associate Professors: L.P. Petrashko, S.I. Pakhomov, I.P. Zahorodniy


International Strategies of Economic Development

ScD in Economics, Professors: V.I. Chuzhykov, N.I. Tatarenko
PhD in Economics, Associate Professors: I.I. Viter, S.I. Tkalenko


Personnel Management

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor Y.I. Konovalov, PhD in Economics, Senior Teacher T.V. Vonberg


Global Economics

ScD in Economics, Professor T.V. Kalchenko
PhD in Economics, Associate Professors: R.V. Omelchenko, N.V. Ryabets, I.V. Tymkiv


Management of the International Competitiveness

ScD in Economics, Professors: L.L. Antoniuk, O.A. Shvydanenko

Special Training Module


International Marketing Management

ScD in Economics, Professor T.Y. Obolenska
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor O.O. Yevdochenko


Management of International Investment Projects

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor S.I. Prylypko


International Transaction Accounting

ScD in Economics, Professor O.M. Halenko


Management Effectiveness in International Business

ScD in Economics, Professor V.A. Biloshapka

Practical Training Module


Interdisciplinary Training

ScD in Economics, Professor Y. Panchenko
PhD in Economics, Associate Professors: S.I. Pakhomov, L.P. Petrashko, A.O. Ovcharenko



Teachers of the International Management Department, guest specialists


Master Thesis


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