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Banking Regulation

Supervisor of the Program – Lyudmyla A. Prymostka, Head of Bank Management Departmenr, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored worker of the Kiev National Economic University. Phone: (044) - 371-62-84 e-mail:

 The purpose of the program:

- Training of highly skilled professionals able to manage the financial and banking institutions at all levels,

- To improve the reliability and efficiency of their activity due to enhancing monitoring functions,

- To ensure security and reduction of bank risks

- Training of experts in the field of banking regulation and supervision, implementation of financial monitoring and auditing in banks,

- Training of professionals - analysts able to perform analytical research and develop new financial instruments and products.

Significant features of the Master's Program:

Currficulum of the Master's Program:

1st Semester

Compulsory Sciences: Financial Management in the Bank; Global Economy; Innovative Development of the Company; Credit Management; Project Financing.

Optional disciplines (2 out of 4): Crisis Management in the Bank; Informational Support of Financial Institutions; Bank Statistical Reporting; Budgeting and Controlling in the Bank.

2nd Semester

Compulsory Sciences: Banking Regulation and Supervision; Social Responsibility; Methodology of Scientific Research.

Optional disciplines (4 out of 6): Bank Risks Management; Currency Regulation and Control; Methods of Analysis of Financial Markets; Financial Security; Portfolio Investments; Bank Value Management.

Objectives of the Master’s Program

• formation of a holistic vision of the bank's strategy through studying the tools and methods of strategic and operational planning in the bank;

• students form a systematic approach to determining the marketing strategy of the bank and its implementation;

• to provide knowledge about monitoring a bank in the lending process and minimize the costs associated with banking activities;

• familiarize students with the essence, objectives and theoretical principles of project financing;

• students form a system of theoretical and applied knowledge in the field of Personnel Management in the organizations with different forms of ownership that operate in the economy of Ukraine;

• future specialists master general concepts regarding banking supervision system in Ukraine in comparison with leading foreign supervisors, as well as mastering the regulatory framework and control tools over the banking activities in the process of registration, licensing, analysing their economic parameters and financial reporting, as well as inspections ;

• students master legal and economic terms for the appointment of interim administration in banks and implementation of their elimination, essence of activities that are carried out to restore the solvency of banks in the procedure of interim administration and measures for their elimination and settlements with creditors;

• mastering the techniques of interim administration and liquidation of banks;

• to teach the students to understand the peculiarities of currency regulation and control in Ukraine and its impact on the commercial banks and the economy as a whole;

• ensure that the students obtain the required degree of understanding of the main objectives of currency regulation and control;

• students form the knowledge system of the foundations of banking statistics and generalization skills in bank statistical reporting.

The list of obtained professional knowledge and skills (within a specialized object of professional activities):

To analyze: the financial state of banks and their units; the banks with the use of rating system CAMELS; the effectiveness of risk management level of banks; the monetary market; financial market indicators; the competitive position of banks in the financial markets.

To identify: opportunities to restore the solvency and liquidity of the bank during its interim administration.

To monitor: the financial state of banks and their units; implementation of the mandatory standards of the NBU; compliance with compulsory reservation; order of processing and transactions in foreign currency; activities of structural units of banks that carry out foreign currency transactions; the process of submitting statistical reports to the National Bank; risk level of the banks and the banking system.

To develop: a system of adequate measures of influencing banks for violation banking laws; proposals to improve legislation on regulation of banking activities; proposals for improving the procedure of interim administration and liquidation of banks; proposals for improving statistical reporting and annual reporting to NBU; proposals on drawing the balance of payments; proposals to improve the legislation and regulations in the field of currency regulation; procedures for interim administration of banks; bank liquidation procedure; proposals to eliminate the problem aspects of banking; strategy and the application of measures to banks for violation of laws and regulations.

To manage: the process of registration and licensing banks; formation of the bankrupt estate and bank payments to its creditors during the liquidation procedure; the process of admission of the banks to the national and international financial markets; banking risks; NPL.

To organize: the process of inspection of banks; the process of auditing (internal and external) in the bank; prompt measures to banks for violation of banking laws; the procedure of interim administration of banks; liquidation procedure of banks; process of statistical surveys in the bank and banking system; formation and submission of statistical reports.

To estimate: banking activities using methods of documentary control; the banks with the use of rating system CAMELS.

To use effectively: modern information technologies in the process of formation and submission of statistical reporting and analysis of banking activities.

To shape and keep the database on the efficiency and the level of risk of second-rate banks.

To prepare reviews of banking activities.

Training under the Master’s Program and vocational training in 

“Bank Management” is provided by:

• attractting highly qualified teaching staff;

• use of the latest educational technologies that provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for banking regulation;

• using flexible forms of education, individual approach to students, the possibility of combining training with research work while writing the Master's diploma paper under the guidance of highly qualified teachers;

• holding consultative, problem theoretical and methodological studies, interdisciplinary training, participation of students in scientific conferences on topical issues on banking regulation.

Graduates of the Program can work as:

• managers and specialists of the central office of the National Bank of Ukraine;

• managers and specialists of regional branches of the National Bank of Ukraine;

• specialists in banking supervision and the Deposit Guarantee Funds;

• heads of departments and experts of financial monitoring and internal audit in commercial banks;

• managers and specialists in exchange offices of commercial banks;

• specialist of monitoring of compliance with regulations of NBU in commercial banks;

• managers and specialists of structural subdivisions of the bank in management and control of banking risks;

• experts in the Commission for Regulation of Financial Services;

• specialists in the regulation of currency, stock, futures exchanges;

• managers and specialists of auditing companies;

• managers and specialists of financial-credit and consulting companies;

• researchers in the field of banking.

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