Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Demianchuk Olena Oleksandrivna

department: Political Economy department
Position :
teacher degree: associate professor
Degree : PhD in Economics
Experience : 33
Biography :

Demyanchuk Elena - PhD, associate professor. After successful completion of graduate school and dissertation defense at the Kiev National University in the name of T.Shevchenko in 1987 began teaching, research and educational activities in the Kiev National Economic University in the name of V. Hetman. Works at Kyiv National Economic University in the department of political economy for almost 30 years. Dessertation was devoted to researching of agricultural relations and reforms in developing countries. Over the entire period of scientific and teaching research interests extend to such issues as economic transformation processes in post-socialist countries; features of primitive accumulation of capital in the post-Soviet countries; evolution of agrarian relations in post-Soviet countries; public administration and state institutions in post-socialist countries; socialization of the economy, models of social policy, social security in the modern world; relationship of economics with other sciences, the practical function of economic theory, the relationship of economic theory and economic policy; human capital and social capital in today's information society. Demyanchuk Elena - the author of many scientific articles in international and national journals, a member of many scientific and methodological conferences. Actively participates in the teaching work of the University, is co-author of many academic and teaching aids. For example, Demyanchuk Elena is co-author of "Political Economy", "Principles of economics", "Transformational Economy", "Trainings. Political economy "and so on. She actively uses innovative and interactive teaching methods. Deals with issues of objectification and humanization of control in the system of partnership "teacher-student"