Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Investment Analyze

The science goal is to provide the students with the system of theoretical and practical knowledge in the branch of investment projects' analyze and estimation in the economy and entrepreneurship's fields.

The science aim is to form the complex of students' competencies, which are sufficient for the beginning of their professional work at the primary positions under the guidance of experienced financial and investment analytics.

Study results:

The successful learning will create the ability:

-          to differentiate and study primary data, which are necessaryfor investment activity analyze implementation;

-          to choose methods of investment projects’ analyze in spite of chosen agoals and information restrictions;

-          to analyze and estimate indicators of investment activity’s efficiency of enterprise;

-          to analyze and estimate methodological tools of investing efficiency in accordance with uncertainty and risk;

-          to organize investment analyze process at enterprise;

-          to choose kinds and forms of investment projects efficiency analyze;

-          to create and analyze plans of investment projects’ realization;

-          to create and optimize investment projects’ portfolio under restricted investment possibilities’ conditions;

-          to rank investment projects in accordance with entrepreneur goals;

-          to use methods and techniques of investmentactivity modeling;

-          to define capital need and value for investment projects’ financing.

Last redaction: 11.05.16

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