Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

KNEU – the participant of “Best higher educational institutions for economists” rating of “Focus”27 April 2011р.

“Focus” has identified the best five high school programs for future economists, financial experts and banking specialists. As a rule, students work as interns in a partner company and often continue working with them as staff members on a permanent basis.

Kyiv National Economics University named after Taras Shevchenko trains specialists in the field of economics for the Union of Small, Medium and Private Enterprises of Ukraine. The Union includes OAO "KEZNO", "Advanter Group", "Telesystems of Ukraine", LLC "Danone". 68% of graduates were employed in the specialty. Tuition is UAH 16,230-18,000. per year.

Another Kyiv University, the National Economics University named after V. Hetman, has partner relations with the Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration, the State Treasury, the Main Control and Revision Office.

100% of graduate students were employed by specialty, of which 95% - with partner government ministries and departments. Annual tuition fee is UAH 13,720-14,500.

100% of the students of "Financial Risk Management" Program at the National University
Kyiv Mohyla Academy were employed. Partners of the Program are IC "Etalon" and "Quinta" company. However, among these five schools Kyiv Mohyla Academy is the most expensive - students will have to pay UAH 23,000-27,500 per year, term of study is six semesters.

Graduates from the Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty of Economics and Management of Ternopil National Economic University are expected by the local companies, “Stellar” and “Mriia” agricultural holding.

So far, five specialists were trained, 35 students continue their studies.

Fee is UAH 11 700 per each year of study.

Dnipropetrivsk University of Economics and Law named after Nobel is oriented towards “PryvatBank”. 150 specialists in Finance and Banking have been trained in the course of the Program.

Source: "Focus" magazine