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Final «IT-Planet»11 May 2011р.

Yuliia Kuzmych, the fourth-year student from KNEU Department of Information Systems and Technology was among the 135 finalists of the Information Technology “IT-Planet” International Olympics and will go to Moscow for the final round!

Finals will be held from 11 to 13 May 2011.High-tech platform for the finals was provided by co-organizer of the Olympics - Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI).

7 000 students, 660 institutions of secondary and higher vocational education of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan took part in the qualifying rounds.Students competed in six categories: "Programming," "Software usage and administration," "Network systems and equipment," "Digital Art and 3D-modeling," "Innovations and software projects," and "Towards the Games in Sochi."

«IT-Planet» ( – is a unique educational project, which has been revealing the best students in the area of information technology in the course of fourth year by now, helping them to communicate with the potential employers.The partners of the Olympics are the world's leading software and hardware producers, Intel, Oracle, D-Link, 1C, Adobe, and others.General information partner is "Russia 24" TV Channel.

"The best students of Russia in the field of information technology have a unique opportunity to compete for recognition of their skills by the high judges and the potential employers - says Sergey Shalashny, the Chairman of the Central Organizing Committee of «IT-Planet. "- Thus, each finalist has a real chance to be recognized by the whole country."

We wish our students good luck and victory in their future competitions!