Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Summer Seminar at the University of Redlands, California03 August 2011р.

This summer a group of students and lecturers of our university was lucky to have an opportunity to participate in a two-week Summer Seminar organized at the University of Redlands in California in cooperation with KNEU. Due to the Fulbright Program our third –year students and faculty enjoyed listening to Professor Groshek’s lectures in Kyiv in autumn and due to his initiative our cooperation was expanded to the program including a series of lectures at Redlands University, which were more like seminars or discussions .

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Professor Groshek helped  the participants to extend their awareness and understanding of American economy, its private and public sectors, its regulation, US trade and investment relations, Associate Dean Keith Roberts of Redlands School of Business gave them some insights into the legal structures of the US economy, the participants received interesting information and food for thought about US foreign  policy in Europe from Professor Graeme Auton, Department of Government , they were informed  about banking and finance in the US by Professor Satish Thosar and about marketing in the US by Professor Monica Perry. The students and members of the faculty also had a glimpse of the business of higher education in the US due to the efforts of Dr. David Fite, Vice President  for Academic Affairs of University of Redlands.  Of special interest was the workshop devoted to Moodle, the system providing interactive teaching and learning through the internet. Instructor Catherine Walker introduced the learners into the mysteries of this interactive world.

It should be mentioned that the Ukrainians were not only passive recipients of information. As all the lecturers welcomed questions and the students were eager to ask them the teaching process was really interactive. The students also prepared their own seminar. They presented their information and ideas  on some burning economic issues of today to an international board of lecturers from the US, France, Slovakia and were brave enough to answer their questions that were mostly far from being easy. This exchange of views was fruitful and invigorating.

The Seminar participants are grateful to the lecturers and organizers of their visit and to Professor Groshek in particular for the experience of learning at University of Redlands, some practical experience of visiting California Steel Industries, the cultural program, in particular, the celebration of the American national holiday, which brought them closer to understanding the US culture and American people.

We hope for further cooperation with friendly University of Redlands.