Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Jamil Salmi, a global tertiary education expert, joined the International Board of editors of the journal "University education"06 June 2013р.

Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman and the Institute of Higher Education, KNEU, are honored to represent a new international guest-editor of the scientific & practical journal "University education" Dr. Jamil Salmi, the world's leading expert in the field of global tertiary (higher) education.

Jamil Salmi (@TertiaryEd) in the past 20 years has provided policy advice to governments and university leaders in more than 80 countries in all parts of the world. His main areas of expertise include:

  • Policy guidance on system-wide tertiary education reforms, including national development strategies, excellence initiatives, system-wide governance, financial sustainability, quality assurance, institutional differentiation, system articulation, and equity promotion strategies; and
  • Advice on benchmarking, strategic planning and capacity building to establish world-class universities and improve any type of tertiary education institution, including change management, resource mobilization, quality assurance, internationalization strategies, linkages to industry.
  • Organization and delivery of leadership training for (1) Ministry of Higher Education officials, (2) university leaders, and (3) leaders of other tertiary education institutions (non-university institutions, student loan agencies, etc.).