Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Collection of Scientific Papers “ECONOMY AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP”

Science is not just for scientists.

 It is for everyone who wants to understand the world. 


The founder and publisher of the collection of scientific works "Economy and Entrepreneurship" is the State Higher Education Institution "Kyiv National National Economic University named after Vadim Hetman". 

Published since 1997


The Journal specifically focuseson discussing the scientific papers and issues on economy and entrepreneurship. The key objectives of the scientific publication are:

-   publication of the results of scientific research on economy and entrepreneurship at both national and international levels;

- encourage the scientific community to argue about methods and models of business, as well as mechanisms of innovative entrepreneurship activation;

- spreading of progressive experience of entrepreneurial activity;

- informing interested persons about changing the business regulatory legislation and accounting tools, analysis and audit of business activities.

- working out a platform for high intellectual creativity and validation of the results of the activities of scientific schools in the sphere of economy and entrepreneurship, spreading of conducting scientific research culture.


Thematic issues of the scientific papers: problems of economic theory, applied economy, methods and models of economy and entrepreneurship development, mechanisms of activation of innovative entrepreneurship, key issues of accounting, analysis and audit of business activity, legal aspects of doing business, analysis of world countries economic systems and business development vectors.


The scientific papers is included in the List of scientific professional editions where the main results of studies in economic sciences (order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine №1222 of 07.10.2016year) can be published.


The journal accepts only unpublished articles that contains elements of scientific novelty and contribution to the development of economic science. The author is self-responsible for the originality of the article.


The journal is indexed in:


- ResearchBible (Japan);

- GoogleScholar;

- Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine.

Last redaction: 21.04.20