Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Joint Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Kyiv National Economic University, in cooperation with the School of Business at the University of Redlands in California, is excited to offer an MBA program—taught entirely in English—that offers such benefits. 

Students can earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree that is awarded jointly by the two Universities upon meeting the requirements of both institutions.  Both Universities share responsibility for the design, delivery, and quality of the programs, thereby affording students the opportunity to earn their degree from two distinguished and accredited educational institutions in Ukraine and the US.  Because instruction and coursework both in Kyiv and Redlands is entirely in English, students must possess advanced language capabilities and be ready to improve further their communication skills in English.   

Students in the Joint MBA program combine study at KNEU with a summer semester comprised of three courses at the University of Redlands located near Los Angeles in southern California.  These three courses are offered in the June to August period and provide, along with optional excursions throughout southern California, a truly global perspective to your studies.  Additionally, students have the option to complete the final term—comprised of the joint thesis and the second half of the internship—in residence at either Kyiv or Redlands (additional tuition may apply).  Successful students will be conferred their degree that clearly reflects the joint nature of the award and will become alumni of both institutions.

Because students in the Joint MBA program work continuously towards their degree with no summer break, they complete their studies in 16 months.  In competitive employment markets, such continuous study enables students to graduate more swiftly and focus on developing their careers with an advanced international business credential in hand.  

Upon completion of the Joint MBA program, students will be able to:

1.     demonstrate effective business skills through their ability to use tools from such areas as statistics, accounting, and economics at an advanced level.

2.     demonstrate application of functional business knowledge by the use of critical thinking skills to solve business problems within business disciplines such as finance, marketing, operations management, and global business to solve business problems.

3.     communicate effectively using the language of business and that of educated public discourse.

4.     work effectively in teams, taking a leadership role where appropriate.

5.     evaluate business problems from different perspectives and integrate concepts across disciplines to make effective decisions.

The Joint Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with the University of Redlands addresses the unique challenges that you will face in an increasingly fluid, technology-driven and global environment. With a careful blend of critical thinking skills and practical exercises, you will learn not only to think critically, but to take that level of thinking and effect change in socially and ethically responsible ways.