Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Interactive Seminar by Robert Johnson in KNEU11 Mart 2013р.

On 6th March 2013 professors and students at KNEU had a wonderful possibility to take part in the seminar "Financial Crisis, Ethics in Investment Business and Developing Markets" delivered by Professor R. Johnson (PhD,CFA,CAIA) from Kraton University, USA. The event was organised by CFA Ukraine and Institute of Higher Education.

The seminar was dedicated to the questions of the functioning of financial markets, the importance of self-regulation in investment sphere, the consequences of the financial crisis and ways of improving financial systems and investment environment to support sustainable economic growth.

The students were active in discussing various questions and situations in the sphere of business ethics proposed by Robert Johnson, had a possibility to ask questions and get answers to them.

The professor's profound knowledge and professionalism facilitated the creation of  atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.

The professors and students at KNEU  thank Professor R.Johnson and the organisers of the event for extremely interesting interactive discussion and  hope that they will continue to work with Kraton University and CFA Ukraine.