Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Report on implementation of the Fulbright Program for inviting the leading U.S. universities professionals to the Ukrainian universities 30 June 2011р.

As part of the Fulbright Program for attraction of professionals of the leading U.S. universities to Ukrainian universities (October-November 2010), Kiev National Economic University named after V. Hetman has invited Mr. Gerald Hroshek, the Professor of International Economics Business School of the University of Redlands. In the course of two months he delivered lectures to students and teachers of the International Economics and Management Faculty focusing on the international monetary system, global capital markets, management of multinational corporations and the consequences of financial crisis. Under the auspices of KNEU Institute of Higher Education a series of methodological seminars were organized for KNEU professors and lecturers, covering the issues of development and evaluation of academic programs, organization of academic process, and integration of teachers into international research environment. Students and teachers alike showed great interest in these programs as more than 450 students and 70 teachers participated in KNEU lectures and seminars, and more than 20 students spoke at the final conference.

Advises given by Professor Hroshek during informal communication with the University professors and students, laid the foundation for the participation of teachers and students in the future international academic and educational projects.

As part of their continued cooperation, teachers and students of the Faculty of International Economics and Management were invited by the Redlands University, California, to participate in the Summer seminar “A View of the U.S. Economy”, whose main objective is to enhance scientific cooperation between universities, exchange of research results in international economics , the expansion of professional skills of teachers and students and facilitate their mobility.

Teachers and students thanked Prof. Hroshek for significant personal contribution to development cooperation in the sphere of education, professionalism, erudition and deep knowledge of the problems of international economy and creating an atmosphere of mutual trust and creativity.

KNEU professors and lecturers appreciate the possibilities granted by Fullbrigh Program in Ukraine and hope for the further development of cooperation.