Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Personnel Management

The aim of the Master’s program in personnel management is to provide students with competencies needed to perform specialized tasks on primary professional positions in formation, development and use of human resources on macro-, meso- and micro-levels. This program takes a holistic approach to personnel management.

Through a blend of focused study and hands-on practice, students will develop a keen understanding of the HR landscape and the well-rounded expertise that today’s market demands.  The students of this program will gain knowledge and skills necessary for performing complicated professional tasks in normative planning, organizational management, innovative  project management, information technology, scientific research, In addition, students will get an ability to use modern informational systems in personnel management, labor economics, state regulation of social and labor relations and consulting.  Students will also get the necessary experience to work on personnel-related issues in multinational teams.

This program prepares students for leadership roles within human resources and across the organization. Students learn to analyze, design, and evaluate human resources systems and processes—and integrate those systems and processes with business strategy. Upon graduation students get the Master’s Degree in Personnel Management.


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